Ice Age Worcestershire

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Welcome to the Ice Age

The Ice Age was a time of enormous change when huge glaciers carved out the landscape we know today and the collapse of the land bridge between Britain and Europe formed the English Channel making Britain an Island for the first time.

Massive beasts like mammoth, woolly rhinoceros and bison walked across the Worcestershire landscape, whilst the warmer periods brought hippos, lions and straight tusked elephants. It was against this backdrop of change that our ancestors first appeared in Britain. The Ice Age is so much more than a story of ice and mammoths: it’s our story!

Above and below: A reconstruction created by Pighill Reconstruction of Strensham 200,000 years ago, when a mammoth, nick-named Millicent, died in a brackish pool.  Click and drag on the image below to look around the 3D landscape reconstruction.

Please see the incredible reconstruction here.